Migraine /Headache

According to experts, migraine is a very underdiagnosed condition. In the US, 6 percent of men and 15-18 percent of women experience migraine attacks. Dr. Sawyer recommends mouthguards (frequently termed occlusal splints or occlusal guards) for many of their patients to protect their teeth from the damaging effects of night time clenching and grinding.

A special type of guard called an NTI is approved by the FDA for prevention of pain from migraine as well as migraine associated tension-type headaches. For more information, please check out www.HeadachePrevention.com

Mendota Dental recently received a letter from one of her patients who wears the NTI. This patient had missed school on a regular basis due to migraine headaches and was taking a very powerful medication called Topomax. The patient is no longer taking any medication for migraine.

“You may want to know how I am doing with my headaches. Well, I haven’t had one in a year and a half. Life without my headaches has been great. I received perfect attendance as well as honor roll. Perfect attendance was a surprise because that has never happened in, well, forever. I believe that the NTI worked. I just have that feeling that the medications may have helped with the pain, but the NTI may have prevented them from coming back. I wear it every night and I haven’t missed school or important events in my high school years. Thank you for your help. You are a life saver!”


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