Dr. Sawyer is delighted to be able to offer you the best in new technology. 

 This is our Cerec computer.  With this amazing piece of technology, we can custom design and mill a ceramic filling, onlay or crown in one easy visit.  No more impression material or temporary crown. 

To help make your dental visit more enjoyable, we will be have the TLC monitor in our operatories. Lay back in our ultraleather chairs with your remote control in hand and enjoy a little escape from your busy day.

We use digital x-rays which will allow us to see the images of your teeth in just seconds. Digital x-rays are also more friendly to the environment as we no longer use the hazardous chemicals needed to process traditional x-ray films. 

Our digital panoramic machine allows us to see your teeth, jawbone and surrounding structures.

The Diagnodent is a laser which detects decay at the earliest stage enabling us to preserve as much tooth structure as possible.

The Sopro LIFE combines a caries fluorescing array of LED’s in the body of an intraoral camera.  We can see the fluorescence of decay on our computer monitor while putting the device over your tooth. The LED array is also capable of emitting a regular white light and the device can also function as a regular intraoral camera.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Single Tooth Anesthesia

 This is our STA or single tooth anesthesia system.We know that some patients get more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. The STA handpiece that resembles a pen. The computer controlled system allows for an even-flow delivery of anesthetic in a very comfortable, non-threatening manner. It eliminates the “bee sting” effect – the painful consequence from a surge of fluid into a confined tissue area. Even more, certain injections made possible with the STA minimize the unnecessary numbness of the tongue, cheek, and face. Imagine leaving the dentist’s office without a “fat lip!”  It’s the comfortable alternative to the syringe.


   This is our Picasso laser.  Lasers can be used to do many surgical procedures that were once done with a scapel blade and stitiches.  There is little discomfort during or after when a laser is used. 

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